I remember going to McLaren Greater Lansing about five years ago to have surgery on my left knee.  I had a meniscus tear and let me tell you that it was painful and debilitating.

And I also remember how clean and professional McLaren was when I was there getting my surgery.  The staff made me feel very comfortable and took good care of me.

According to the Lansing State Journal, when it comes to outstanding patient care, teamwork matters.  That's why McLaren Greater Lansing presents the White Glove Award for excellence in cleanliness standards for environmental services and unit staff.

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The Lansing State Journal tells us the White Glove Award is an honor for both environmental services technicians and staff whom they work alongside every day to maintain a clean and safe area for patients.

The inaugural award was recently presented to 6 North and environmental technician Tina Olmstead for being the highest scoring until for patient satisfaction on the cleanliness of their bathrooms.  (Lansing State Journal)

Tony Yeo who is the manager of environmental services said Tina is an incredibly hard worker.  She's very dependable and takes great pride in her job.  (LSJ)


According to the Lansing State Journal, Yeo also said I make sure our environmental services staff knows they are lifesavers.  Our team is always making sure patients have a clean area to heal and recover.  We're also here for every patient, every time, to listen to their needs and make sure they're comfortable.

I really enjoy hearing and reading stories like this when it comes to employees going above and beyond the call of duty.  When someone takes pride in their work to make a difference in someone's life, they deserve to be recognized by all means.

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