Seems like whenever some explorer comes across a circle or line of rocks or boulders, they immediately label it a “Stonehenge.” Well, here’s another one.

These rocks were discovered in Grand Traverse Bay at around 40 feet deep. In 2007, archeologists exploring under Lake Michigan came across a rock formation they believe was laid in a circular, Stonehenge-like manner.

One of those boulders had an impression on it, which looked like some human had attempted to carve an image…..specifically, a mastodon. Not only that, but the scientists feel the rocks form a shape – the outline of a mastodon, complete with back, ear, head, hump, legs, trunk, and tusk. But that means nothing…anyone can say it looks like SOMEthing. I’ve seen these rocks, and you could say they form a sleigh…or dog…or pistol…or someone climbing a tree…or snake…so it’s possible that they weren’t intended to be formed as anything. Maybe it was supposed to be an ancient map or compass. Who knows? And yeah, the carving indeed looks like a mastodon as they believe.

If this is indeed an actual prehistoric petroglyph, the scientists surmise it could be well over 10,000 years old. But don’t get the idea that these rocks are as big as the real Stonehenge structures…these are roughly 3 to 4 feet wide and tall.

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Check out the three photos below, then read more about it HERE.
Below the pictures is a video with even more info...