One of the Michigan's Most Haunted Places is the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

This 1912 monstrosity has over one thousand rooms, hidden floor compartments, secret passageways, secret staircases.....and ghosts.

Built by rich fat cat George D. Mason, he obviously overdid it and went bankrupt, causing his wife to leave him. Depressed over his wife splittin’ and his financial state in a mess, he went up to the roof and jumped to his death.

To this day, security guards claim to see ol’ George’s ghost climbing those steps to the rooftop. Visitors have reported many noises, such as doors and windows being slammed shut…they also see moving shadows and experience cold spots, all while feeling they are being ‘watched’ by something.

The Masonic Temple always pops up during conversations about Detroit's most haunted places...and is considered by some to be one of the Top Ten haunted places in the entire state.

It's located at 500 Temple Street, downtown Detroit.

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