The face mask.

In the middle of the pandemic, this one item has become a hot button.

To wear on or not to wear one.

Does it help stop the spread? The CDC and many health experts agree.

Stores are asking the government to get on the same page across the country with requirements and mandates to make it a uniform.

People aren't happy about it and not only has there been backlash, but even acts of violence towards businesses and employees when told or approached about wearing a mask. Did you see this guy?

On top of all that if you do decide to wear a mask, and for any considerable period of time, you could break out.

Yup, your acne could flare up all because of prolonged mask wear.

It's even got a name.

Maskne. Mask + Acne = Maskne (mask - knee)

It's even got a more scientific name acne mechanica.

And this skin condition is not really new.

The friction between your mask and your skin can cause something called acne mechanica, which is common in people like football players who wear chin straps and helmets for long periods of time. “That friction causes inflammation and irritation which leads to clogged pores—and those clogged pores can lead to deep acne cysts,” she says. Dermatologist Michelle Henry, M.D. (Esquire)

And it can develop no matter if you're wearing a mask for hours a day or just sporadically doing your day to day tasks.

It's a problem but not big enough to stop you from wearing one which in turn could save your life and those around you.

So, what do do?

We've got tips from here from Esquire that suggest everything from:

  • Switching up your masks
  • Washing your face daily (with a gentle cleanser, don't scrub too hard or use a super abrasive cleaner that could do more harm than good).
  • Use protective products like moisturizers. But don't overdo it and clog your pores.
  • And speaking of that, avoid oils in your routines. Use lightweight cleansers and moisturizers.
  • Head here and read the full article and get ALL the tips from Esquire

Here are some videos from real doctors and dermatologists that could also point you in the right direction.

And who doesn't love a doctor with skin care tips and an English accent?

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