The ghost town of Mapleton lies in the Old Mission Peninsula in Grand Traverse County, on M-37 between Traverse City and Old Mission.

It started out as a post office in 1877 and was discontinued in 1905 and became known as a ghost town, even though there are still a few things left.

Mapleton, smack in the Old Mission Peninsula, has a handful of small establishments to check out: the Bad Dog Deli, Peninsula Grill and Peninsula Market groceries, which has the only gas pump in the area.

Seven 1/2 miles north of Mapleton is the Old Mission lighthouse and three miles south of Mapleton is an old schoolhouse, now being used as the Peninsula Cellars Winery.

There's also a cool creepy graveyard, the Ogdensburg Cemetery, on Center Road (M-37).

There's a LOT to do, much to see and endless stuff to explore on this little peninsula. There are more hidden old one-room schoolhouses (think you can find 'em?), old churches, buildings, hidden off-road structures, many wineries, charming little cafe's, and of course, creepy stuff, including the old Bower's Harbor Inn, now called "The Jolly Pumpkin".

Take a drive throughout the entire peninsula sometime this'll be surprised and pleased at the things you'll discover!

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