Here's one "haunted" location where I actually spent the night some years ago...I wanted to see for myself if any of the reported paranormal activities would happen to me.

When I spent the night there, it was called the Bower's Harbor Inn...nowadays it's called "The Mission Table / Jolly Pumpkin."

So why is it supposedly haunted? here's the tale:
It was constructed in the 1880's by Chicago lumberman J.W. Stickney & wife genevieve to be used as a summer vacation home. Supposedly, Genevieve kept gaining more & more weight, much to J.W.'s displeasure...he installed an elevator to help her get up/downstairs and hired a nurse to help out. Well, ol' J.W. began an affair with the nurse - as his wife suspected he would do - and he wound up leaving his entire fortune to the nurse and Genevieve was left with the inn.

Screenshot courtesy of UpNorthLive, youtube
Genevieve Stickney; Screenshot courtesy of UpNorthLive, youtube
Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Distraught, Genevieve hung herself from the elevator shaft's rafters...

As for any ghostly occurrences, it's said that at times the elevator goes up & down on it's own, her face has been spotted in mirrors, things re-arrange and fly off shelves in the storeroom and lights that go on & off by themselves.

I did not experience anything paranormal when I went there - except an occurrence in the storeroom that could be reasonably explained - but the employees do what they can to keep the legend alive with visitors. Located on West Grand Traverse Bay on the Old Mission Peninsula...13512 Peninsula Drive, Traverse City.

Now watch the above video and find out a little bit more.

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