Going up north must include getting yourself some smoked fish to gnaw on.....I'm particular to smoked whitefish.

One of the many places where you can get some authentic smoked fish is across the bridge in St. Ignace. Manley's is tucked a little further off the road than others, and may be just a blip on your travel radar. But it's a pleasant, old-timey fish shop that has a certain - but fishy - charm.

Taking a Michigan roadtrip means seeking out places that are little-known to you - whether it's for history, scenery, abandoned oddities, old lumber towns, roadside attractions, parks, or simply a different place to get food. Manley's has that rustic feel to it that you would expect to find across the bridge.

Check out the photos below...and stop in on your next roadtrip to get some road food!


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