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Our beloved Mackinac Island has quite a history, its not all taffy and fudge.

If you go back more than 250 years ago, Fort Michilimackinac came under attack. this was during Pontiac's war.  At that time the British were in control of the Fort.  A coalition of Native Americans , were playing a game of lacrosse (pretending to)  and managed to invade the Fort, kicking out the British.  History says that around 20 people were killed, many of them ended up being scalped alive.

Luck was on the side of one fur trader.   Alexander Henry, managed to escape with the help of his friend an Ojibwe warrior Wawatam who protected the Englishman during the attack and took him to Mackinac Island where the fur trader spent the night hiding in  the middle of the Island in a shallow cave he found.  In the morning when he woke, Henry realized, much to his horror, that he had been lying on a pile of human bones.

Skull cave is no longer used as a sacred burial site, but it remains intact, just waiting for the curious explorer.  This is just one of the fascinating sites you should check out when you go a bit off the grid on Mackinac Island.

One spot to check out, if you are brave enough, is Devil's Kitchen.  Its been said that evil spirits who inhabit this small cave ,that is along the shore of the island, will capture and eat people who get too close.


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