Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

Q: When did the Fleetwood Mac album “Rumours” come out and how many hits were on it?

A: When interviewed, Stevie Nicks uttered “The truth about “Rumours” is that “Rumours” was the truth.” Fleetwood Mac recorded the “Rumours” album in Spring of 1976, releasing it in 1977. It ultimately became the first album by a group to have four Top Ten hits: GO YOUR OWN WAY (#10), DREAMS (#1), DON'T STOP (#3) and YOU MAKE LOVING FUN (#9). It also contains three other tracks that became staples on Rock radio: SECOND HAND NEWS, THE CHAIN and GOLD DUST WOMAN. The album itself went to #1 and stayed there for 31 weeks. The album was quite a personal achievement for the band, as four of the five members were going through rough relationships: Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham were a couple hitting their personal rough patch as did married members John & Christine McVie. But in retrospect, the group tensions within may have actually added to the tone (and success) of the album. One of the producers and engineers on “Rumours” was Ken Caillat, father of singer Colbie Caillat.