No body of water is deeper than the oceans.
The ocean floors hold many secrets and undiscovered mysteries.....including lost cities (and possible continents?)

The Great Lakes are the deepest lakes in the country.
Lake Superior is the deepest of the five, with the most sunken shipwrecks.

The bottoms of many Michigan inland lakes are littered with boats and small ships.

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That whittles it down to Michigan's rivers. What kind of stuff could possibly lie on the murky bottoms of Michigan rivers?

As we have seen in past articles it's mostly garbage, tin cans, glass bottles, antiques, discarded items...even grocery carts and cell phones.

All that leads up to this:
Here are a few unexpected things that were found in three river locations: the Detroit River, the Grand Rapids section of the Grand River, and the Lansing section of the Grand River.

First is Grand Rapids. Not too many things of interest to see here except for a hunk of machinery, some old glass bottles, a laptop, and a cool, crude, vintage doll.

Next up is the Detroit River. This one has something unique, as can be expected. It's an old Model T automobile, believed to be one of the vehicles that were used for rum-running back during Prohibition. The auto is upside down which makes seeing the majority of it difficult, so we mostly see the wheels and axle.

Lastly, is a portion of the Grand River in Lansing. I don't know what portion it is, but I will say this: if you go swimming in that river, you may wanna think twice before going in need to be aware of what lurks at the bottom. Once you scroll thru the photo gallery below, you'll see what I mean...

A Few Things Found in the Grand River and Detroit River


Detroit River Boat Graveyard

Items Pulled Out of the Grand River, Lansing

Old Cars Sunk at Bottom of Detroit River




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