Every once in a while you forget why you love living in Michigan, it happens to everyone. It may be the occasional heat, the high humidity, or the brutal, life-draining 90 days that is January through the end of March.

Not every day in Michigan can be as satisfying as a $30.00 trip to the bottle return. Nor can you experience the pure joy that is a freshly mown lawn with perfectly straight lines on a daily basis.

Nope, some days Michigan will look at your perfectly, freshly shoveled driveway without a flake of snow on it and decide it's time to dump another foot. Or maybe that's the very moment the plow truck finally made it down your road.

These are the days when you wonder out loud: "Why do I live in this state when there is such a thing as the South?".People move to warmer weather all the time. Sure the farther you head down I-75 the bigger the insects and more poisonous the snakes get, but you don't have to shovel those.

Michigan treats its residents like golf treats golfers. Both give you just enough good days or good shots to keep you coming back. So when Michigan treats you like a dog leg left and you have a slice, kick back, relax, and soak in these Pure Michigan thoughts to help you remember why you love the Midwest.

1. It's Like They Live In Your Insta Feed

2. Michigan Farmers Have Dad Jokes

3. Proof That Our Neighbors Know a Good Boy When They See One

4. Emotions Are Suppressed, Not Vocalized, But We Manage

5. Michigan Will Make Chili at the Drop of a Hat

6. During Fair Season in Michigan, Calories Don't Count

7. We Recognize High Achievments

8. Ground Shaking Scares Us, Sky Funnels Are Free Entertainment


9. In the Mitten Big Decisions Are Made at a Table

10. We Park More Than Cars In Our Garages

11. Cows Are Michigan's Backroad Spectators

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