The little town of Lulu has probably heard all the “Lulu” references to last a lifetime: the comic book character “Little Lulu”, the singer who sang 'To Sir With Love', “Lulu's back in Town”, 'that's a lulu', "how now, Lulu (Honolulu)" name it, they've already heard it.

But don't let that stop you from visiting this quaint little Monroe County town. It sits out in the countryside, 14 miles west of Monroe on – what else? - Lulu Road.

Lulu has been around in Ida Township since it was settled in 1853. It was finally recognized as a postal stop and railroad station along the Ann Arbor Railroad in 1880. Lulu had a cemetery, two churches, depot, a couple of general stores, post office, and schoolhouse. What's left is the cemetery, some homes, and downtown church. Aside from these little facts, there's not much else that has been historically recorded about Lulu.

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It's believed that the town was named after an early settler...more likely, a settler's wife or daughter. But so far, I have found no proof of that.

The post office ceased operations in 1941.

It might be worth your while to take a detour through Lulu just to say you've been there...but it's still a pretty cool little Michigan smalltown diversion.


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