Ever heard of Macomb County's "Luke the Spook"? He haunts a bridge on Romeo Plank Road in Clinton Township. Or is it in Macomb Township? Read on...

Back in the late 1800's, a Dr. Lucas was called out one night for some medical assistance. As he traveled back home down Romeo Plank Road returning from his housecall, his horse and buggy somehow went off a bridge, killing Dr, Lucas.

From then on, hauntings have frequently occurred. On dark nights, a strange light resembling an old-fashioned lantern has been seen, apparently moving as if someone was using it as a guide for travelers. Other witnesses claim they've seen an old horse & buggy silently moving through the trees.

Another tale says that the mysterious light comes from a deceased railroad worker who was killed in the same area. His apparition carries his railroad lamp with him to help guide mortals along the dark road.

Maybe both Dr. Lucas and the railroad man are helping travelers through the dark. Either way or not, there is some kind of mysterious light that keeps appearing in the area.

Most recounted versions of this tale say the haunting is at the bridge in Clinton Township. But the waterway underneath looks like a manmade canal, not at all what it would have looked like in the 1800's. The bridge in Macomb Township goes over the Middle Branch Clinton River and looks more natural...and there's a wooded area that fits the above story. I tend to think the Macomb bridge is the haunted one. TAKE A LOOK AT THE PHOTOS BELOW to see what I mean. 

Travel down that road and find out for yourself some lonely dark night...and leave your headlights off or you may miss it.

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