It is being called The Bundt Cake Tantrum and could cost one City Manager his job.

Apparently (for some) you just really want a Bundt Cake.  In the Fort Lauderdale area Sunrise City Manager Richard Salamon  threw a hissy fit when a local bakery refused to honor his expired cupon for a free mini cake.    Now, that $3.99 dollar cake could end up costing him his $204 thousand dollar job with the city.

The story goes like this, when the top boss at Sunrise City hall got nasty when he was told his coupon for the free cake expired.  The owner of Nothing Bundt Cakes said he asked her employee to 'bend the rules' and when they refused , Salamons wife blasted the bakery on Facebook.

Some in the County are calling for his resignation , and he could very well lose his high paying job, all over a Bundt Cake.    Commissioners set a date to discuss the managers future.   Many are seeing this as a black eye on their community.

...all over a Cake.

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