The Michigan community of Lodi – yep, just like in the CCR song – can be found in Kalkaska County in Orange Township. The township was settled by three men, one of them being Orange A. Row, who the township was named after.

The actual town of Orange had its genesis in 1871. Row was the first person to build a home in Orange, and his family joined him the following year.

The first school had classes in the home of Mary Dixon until an actual school – called “Row's School House” - was built around 1875. Then in 1879, a post office was established that was named 'Lodi.' In 1910 the post office shut down with all mail re-routed to Kalkaska.

So this begs the question: are Orange and Lodi considered one and the same?
There are atlases that list 'Lodi' but not 'Orange'.
Even Michigan ghost town and place name books list 'Lodi' but not 'Orange'.
So I'm guessing they are one and the same?
That Orange was re-named Lodi until it became a shadow town?

Have a look at the gallery below.

The Shadow Town of Lodi in Kalkaska County


Shadow Town of Entrican, Michigan

The Shadow Village of Unadilla

The Semi-Ghost Town of Freda, Michigan

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