Traditional Means Still Used For Making Maple Syrup
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After a cold snowy winter, Michigan residents have lot's to look forward to when spring hits our state.  A big event happening in a small town is the Hanover-Horton Historical Society's annual Maple Syrup Festival.

This year, the Festival will be held on Saturday March 16th.  The day starts off (as it should) with a pancake breakfast that features fresh maple syrup.  The cost of that delicious breakfast is $6 dollars per person.

This years Maple Syrup Festival takes place at Heritage Park, on Fairview street and admission is free.

This would be the perfect time to show kids that syrup comes from the trees before it hits the store shelves.  In fact kids will have the chance to gather maple sap from trees by carrying a yoke that is carried across their shoulders with buckets on each side.

Maple themed food will be severed, like maple popcorn, and even maple cotton candy.

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