WOW…scuba diving in Lime Lake is like swimming thru an underwater ghost town!

Pillars, mounds, and large rock formations at the bottom of this 27-foot deep lake form a type of underwater city that is SO cool.

In the early 1900s, this lake did not exist. The area was a swamp where marlstone (calcium carbonite rock) was harvested to make cement. While a good amount of marlstone was being excavated and shipped out, water began seeping in, filling the holes and crevasses, leaving rock ‘towers’ and structures to stand alone underwater. After thirty years of this, the mining stopped in 1929 and the lake was born.

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Once it became a lake, the State of Michigan “gave” it to Jackson County in 1941. It was given the name ‘Lime Lake’ after the marlstone which contains limestone, clay, and sand.

Many divers come here to check out this underwater, 96-acre fantasyland, but it’s also a great fishing site with bass, bluegill, crappie, perch and sunfish. There is also a 10.5 hiking trail, boat launch, picnic area, playground, and swimming (at your own risk) area.

Lime Lake is in Jackson County near Spring Arbor, south of the university.

Gonna go diving here? Expect to see the sunken continent of Atlantis…that’s what it looks like. Also be aware of snappers…there are a good number of snapping turtles. If you have an underwater camera, take it…these are sights you will want to show friends and family – let alone watch it over and over yourself.

NOW! Take a look at the photo gallery below and see just what I’m talkin’ about!

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