Old photos of Lansing are great, but how about a little timeline to go with ‘em?

Thanks to Lansing.org, here’s a brief timeline of some of Lansing’s highlights from 1847-1960:
1847 - The city of Michigan becomes the state capital.
1848 - The city of Michigan is renamed Lansing by the Michigan Legislature.
1855 - The Agricultural College of the State of Michigan (later called MSU) is founded. 1859 - Lansing is incorporated as a city.
1872 - State Capitol building begins its wood construction.
1879 - The Capitol Building is dedicated.
1879 - Michigan School for the Blind begins operation.
1882 - The Capitol burns down.
1897 - Olds Motor Vehicle Company is created.
1905 – R. E. Olds forms the REO Motor Car Company after leaving his previous one.
1912 - Sparrow Hospital opens.
1928 - Eastern High School begins classes.
1934 - Everett High School starts their first year.
1934 - Lansing’s “deadliest fire” burns down the Kern's Hotel in downtown Lansing.
1937 - Knapp's Department Store opens in downtown Lansing.
1943 - The Spartan Sculpture on MSU campus is dedicated.
1951, 1952, 1955, 1957 - MSU Football team wins the national championships.
1957 - Lansing Community College is created.
1960 - Lansing's population tops 100,000 for the first time.

Of course, that’s not everything that happened inside and outside Lansing in that time window. There were many more things, and you can find out more at Lansing.org.

Now take a look at more miscellaneous photos from wayyy back into Lansing’s past, from the 1850s thru the1960s!

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