Leslie’s beginnings go back as far as 1824, when the boundaries were surveyed. Eastern and southern borders were handled by Joseph Wampler, and northern and western borders by John Mullett. By 1825, the boundaries were complete.

In 1836, a new community was settled by Elijah Woodworth. The village could have easily been named “Woodworth”, but instead it was christened “Meekerville” after one of the area’s first arrivals, Benjamin Meeker.

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Aurelius Township had already set up shop; when a section of it separated in December 1837, it was given the name “Leslie Township’. Meekerville was given the name ‘Leslie’ by J.A. Cornell, a member of legislature and Spring Arbor doctor, who decided to name the town after friends of his back in New York.

Even though the new name of ‘Leslie’ was passed in 1838, the town didn’t become officially known as ‘Leslie’ until a post office began operation in 1841.

Leslie became incorporated as a village in 1869.

The community known as 'Teaspoon Corners' changed its name to “North Leslie” in 1874 (read more about Teaspoon Corners by clicking HERE).

Leslie was later incorporated as a city nearly 100 years later in 1968.

The gallery below shows some old postcards, collectibles, old atlases, and memorabilia from Leslie's past.


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