The Michigan small town of Leonard is located in Oakland County’s Addison Township.

It began growing as soon as it got its post office in 1884, which became named after resident and businessman Leonard Rowland. The town became an incorporated community in 1889.

Not only was Leonard a postal stop, it was also a station along the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad. By 1949 Leonard had its own fire hall, with a fire department organized in November of that year.

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The mill in Leonard was a multi-story beanery and grain elevator that was built in 1889. After closing business in the 1980's, it became a dry goods store, then closed again in 2005. There is an ongoing "Save the Mill" campaign, whose members hope to restore the old mill and hang onto its historic value.

Take a drive-thru this quaint little Michigan town on your next Michigan roadtrip, stop for some road munchies and get some great pictures of many of the awesome old buildings and homes scattered throughout the village limits!



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