Don't call it "Leroy"'s "Le Roy".

This small village is nestled in Le Roy Township, Osceola County, and began life as a postal station in 1872. The town was named after the chief of a Native American tribe.

Thanks to the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad, Le Roy grew and businesses began springing up. After being incorporated as a village in 1883, it prospered even more. It had all the earmarks of a successful town: bank, blacksmith, churches, flour mill, inn, planing mill, saw mill, schools, tavern, and various shops & stores.

Le Roy was a hugely successful timber & farm community, controlling most of the fruit & produce trade, and shipping large amounts of grain, potatoes, tan bark and wood.

By 1890, the population had grown to 452. In 1900 it had dwindled to 375 and 331 by 1910. At the 2010 census there were only 256 residents.

Le Roy is a couple of miles east of US-131, just 12 miles north of Reed City. Take a drive-thru and see some of the great old storefronts that still stand. Or, just take a look at the photos below....or, do both!

Remember, some of these structures are private property...enjoy their historic beauty from the road.


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