Idiots.   How could they miss the hit that caused the New Orleans Saints to lose their chance at the Super Bowl?  I realize at some point it is time to move on, but I am having a hard time with this one.   The flags should have been thrown, it was such an obvious foul.   All the referees had to do was turn and look at the big screen... and see it for themselves.  Hell, the dang thing played over and over again.

It was such a stunning error in judgement that I still can't believe that they ( the Rams) got away with it.    For Saints fans it was "astonishing," "catastrophic," "heartbreaking" and "devastating."  That single missed call not only could have been called for pass interference against the Rams, but also called as a helmet-to-helmet hit also against the Rams.

It was a nightmare for Saints fans and for others who want to see a fair win. The Ram player who was involved in the hit, even he could not believe a flag was not thrown.

Several Saints season ticket holders started a lawsuit against the NFL, and Commissioner Rodger Goodell over the mess, but that will not do anything to change the outcome of the game.  A bad call by the Ref and the Rams became Super Bowl bound.

The audience for the Superbowl has been going down each year, and this year many football fans won't even watch at all.   It didn't help much that the NFL said this week that . yes it was a bad call , the refs messed up......but added they are only human?  Are you kidding me.....IT WAS THERE ON THE BIG SCREEN FOR THEM TO SEE!

Refs, you have ONE job!  Get it right.  Fans want to see a fair game.

I guess this year, I will be watching the Puppy Bowl instead.

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