Lathrop is a Michigan ghost town in Maple Ridge Township, Delta County.

The village got its start in 1865 when the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad was laid through the area. After the job of laying rails was over, a good number of the workers decided to stay in this particular spot and create a community.

They called their new home “Centerville”.

Then, in 1873, the community was given its own post office with Daniel Sheldon recruited as first postmaster. Upon receiving the P.O., this new colony was re-named “Lathrop”, after the first supervisor of Maple Ridge Township and railroad agent, Azel Lathrop.

Unlike many northern Michigan small towns, this particular post office lasted longer than usual – it lasted 72 years, finally closing down in 1945. Even though the railroad continues to run through Lathrop, there seems to be hardly anyone left. One lone building sits at the junction where the hub of Lathrop used to be, looking like it was the old schoolhouse. It looks like it also might have been a tavern at one time. It may or may not be inhabited.

Add this little drive-thru on your next Northern Michigan roadtrip!



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