It's a shame that today's generation watches most of their movies via the internet...or unless mommy & daddy give them money to go to a (gasp!) theater. Here's a good opportunity to show the kids what an event it was to go out for the evening to the local motion picture palaces.

And palaces they were.

As early as the 1870's, Washington Avenue was the center of Lansing's theater district" so reads the historical marker.

Here's a video you should's a short, 4-minute documentary of the Lansing theater district that was put together by students (!) from Everett High.

THIS IS COOL. It shows pictures of the old Gladmer theater, the Strand, and shows where they USED to be. Very sad to see how Washington Ave. stopped embracing the theater...even sadder, these wonderful, decorative theaters were TORN DOWN.....and THAT is unforgivable...why weren't some of these restored & preserved?

It's a short film but very cool. Check it out.



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