A Lansing Police Department K-9 has received a gift that may save his life in the field.  A German shepherd named Chief received a 5-pound bullet and stab protective vest Wednesday afternoon from Vested Interest in K-9s Inc.

He's the only K-9 on the Lansing police force that currently has a vest.  Officials are hopeful that five other K-9s they rely on for crime fighting, as well as search and rescue missions, can also obtain vests through the organization.

A K-9 vest is typically valued around $2,000 because it is made of Kevlar, a bulletproof material, and has a multi-year warranty.

Lansing police have a budget that covers the K-9 group's health care, food and training, but there usually isn't much left for vest purchases.  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.


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