Not the most flattering list, but one of Michigan's own has made it, nearly, to the top.

You may or may not be aware, but the person who holds the #3 spot on Rankers Celebrities That People Say They Can't Watch Anymore was born in Lansing, Michigan.

This actor has recently been making headlines for his friendships and citizenship rather than his movies or tv series. Since 1988 he has starred in 57 movies, with 2 currently listed as 'in production' by IMDB.

How could a man who was praised for his “great contribution to the development of international cultural and humanitarian cooperation,” by the president be unwatchable? The president being Vladimir Putin, and he was speaking of none other than Lansing's own:

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Steven Seagal. The man who was awarded Russia's Order of Friendship medal by Putin for all of Seagal's support of Russia, even during the country's invasion of Ukraine according to Continuing to be outspoken in his support, The Above the Law star and Michigan native was quoted on his Michigan childhood in The Independent :

Over half of the people in America actually love Russia and love Russians and know that they’re being lied to,” Seagal said. “My father was pure Russian, and I was raised in a pure Russian household, because my mother was completely immersed in the Russian culture and she did not have parents. So I grew up with Russian culture.

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Politics being what they are, Seagal seems unphased any backlash and his opinions remain unchanged on his support for Russia and Putin. Also unchanged in Steven Seagal's facial expression. It never seems to change, only a goatee is added.

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Seagal occupies the list with some of Hollywood's most controversial and outspoken alike. To see the full list visit Ranker.

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