A couple of years ago, I did an article about the state of the Lansing Mall. I was disappointed to see that people were staying away, a lot of it due to the fact that we were all just recovering mentally and physically from the pandemic. At the end of that article I asked for your help – to pay a visit to the Lansing Mall, especially if you hadn't been there in a while and do a little shopping.

The previous article I wrote painted a glum picture...and now that's all changing. Whether you read that article or not, it was a pleasure to see more people visiting the mall...so I thought I'd give you a preview of what's going on over there.

Great news for business owners: they are offering discounted spaces in the mall especially for you. In fact there are two new establishments in the Lansing Mall:

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1) In the old Macy's is the Best Furniture Outlet, family-owned, not corporate...(and you know how I feel about supporting local businesses).

2) Zap Zone XL is located in the former Younker's, with fifteen attractions and Rocko's Bar & Grill.

Each one is on separate ends of the mall, giving you a chance to see everything in-between.

Questions about the future about the Lansing Mall have been circulating for the last few years...so far, Mayor Andy Schor is looking to revitalize it and there has been progress making the mall's future look hopeful.

The Lansing Mall opened on July 31, 1969, and over the past 50+ years I've gathered many fond memories there: shopping, eating, going to events, participating in events, going on dates, running into friends...and I want it to thrive. So, as in the last article, I am again going to ask you to pay a visit to the Lansing Mall – on a weekday, weekend...it doesn't matter. Go see what's been happening over there.

It's good to see more people.

Lansing Mall, 2024


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