Our very own Lansing Mayor, Andy Shor, has made the official announcement regarding new Lansing fire chief position.

And the new fire chief position goes to Brain Sturdivant, who happens to be the current chief of the Battle Creek Fire Department.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

"The Lansing Fire Department needs strong, steady leadership, and Chief Sturdivant will be an incredible asset to the City of Lansing," Schor said in a press release. "Chief Sturdivant stood out because of his leadership and analytical skills in leading large, diverse departments."

First of all, let me wish the new fire chief of Lansing a big congratulations. We've heard nothing but really good things about Brian Sturdivant and he'll do a great job for Lansing, Michigan.

I have to tell you a brief story about me when I was in grade school quite some time ago.

I was in the 6th grade at North elementary school here in Lansing. It was located near the corner of Miller Rd. and Cedar St.

My teacher's name in the 6th grade was Mrs. Haas who was a great teacher. One day in her class, two local fire chiefs came to our class room for what we all thought was going to be a lecture about fire safety.

What it turned out to be was quite an honor. These two fire officials appointed me as fire chief of the entire school and one of my best friends was appointed assistant fire chief.

We both couldn't believe it. We had gold plated shield badges that we had to wear to school every day of the week. To this very day, I still have that badge at home.

All we had to do at school is play the part and check all fire extinguishers once every week to make sure they met all fire safety standards. What a cool gig!

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