The one thing we're all looking forward to this spring, is all golf courses will open back up for business.  There are so many beautiful golf courses to choose from in and around the Lansing area.  Hawk Hollow is a great golf course in this area, as well as Indian Hills in Okemos.

Other golf courses to play in this area are El Dorado in Mason, Eagle Eye, which is across from Hawk Hollow, and another golf course I really enjoy playing at is a city course called Groesbeck.

Golfers this season at Lansing owned Groesbeck Golf Course will have just 16 holes of play instead of 18 as the course is reconfigured to accommodate a much larger pond.  They will be able to play the back nine but the front nine is down to just seven holes.

It's just temporary, No. 6 and No. 7 are moving and will be back in play next season.  The golf course is being reconfigured around additional rainwater from a drainage project aimed at stopping flooding in Lansing Township.  Here's the latest from the Lansing State Journal.