One thing that practically everybody has in common is eating.
Or drinking.
Or getting nourishment in some other way.

"So how does one go about this?"
You buy food.
You eat it.
The end.

"So where do we go to buy food?"
Grocery store.
Party Store.
Co-op or food club.

"What if we don’t wanna eat at home?"
You go somewhere else.
"Like where?"
A restaurant, you clown. Or a café, coffee house, diner, lunchroom, chophouse, drive-in, eatery, grill, greasy spoon, hashery, luncheonette, hot dog stand, pizzeria, burger joint, cafeteria, sandwich shop, soda fountain, bistro, snack bar, tea room, concession stand, soup house, truck stop…whatever you wanna call it.

We all have our favorite places to eat, past and present. It’s always a drag when your favorite place shuts down and you’re left to find your next favorite place. One of the things that helps ease the loss of your preferred eateries are the little extras that you’ve picked up: a matchbook, napkin, trinket, ashtray….or even a menu you might have stolen. Coming across one of these souvenirs that got jammed in the back of your dresser drawer or desk may bring a smile to your face as you recall the good times you had at that particular place.

The gallery below shows some of those leftover trinkets as well as some photos of restaurants and eateries gone by. Maybe you have some?

Lansing Restaurant Memorabilia


Life In Lansing, 1850s-1960s

Miscellaneous Lansing, 1870s-1960s

Lansing Theaters and Memorabilia

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