Lake Superior sits on top of a massive…I mean massive volcano.

Our five Great Lakes may have been formed by Ice Age glaciers, but volcanic activity was instrumental in giving us Lake Superior.

A “cylinder of hot mantle” – a plume – rose in the center of what would become Lake Superior, spreading hot lava for hundreds of miles and paving the area for what would soon be filled with melting glacier water.

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Scroll down to see satellite photos of where this volcano still rests underwater; you can see its 'crater' and the hardened lava that sits on the lake floor. Some northerners refer to the volcanic area as the legendary bird, "Phoenix", as it seems to show the outline of a giant bird (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

It's believed the volcano won't erupt for many lifetimes to come, thanks to the freezing cold waters of Superior.

There is so much more to tell about this, and you can read ALL about it by CLICKING HERE.


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