WARNING: It's possible you could be prosecuted if you trespass here.

I have never been to the Lake Erie Hot Hole but it seems to be a favorite place for a handful of people on the east side of the state near Monroe.

The Hot Hole is named so because of the 100-degree water, which stays that way even in winter months when the lake surface freezes up. The “hole” is located between the River Raisin’s mouth and the Bolles Harbor channel.

Okay, so what it makes it so warm all year ‘round?
The Edison plant, that’s what – it burns coal all year, warming the nearby water. There is a little sandy area entering the channel where boaters dock, picnic, water ski, jet ski, fish, party, and swim. Even though many locals come here, it’s not encouraged…the land is believed to be owned by the Edison Company, so you very well could be trespassing.

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If you ask a local how to navigate there, good luck. They are not fond of people going in there, as is the Edison. There are no signs, no navigation…trekkers are on their own and enter at their own risk. Much of the water is only two feet deep and getting a boat through ain’t a piece of cake. It can actually be quite dangerous, especially if you’ve never been before.

The Lake Erie Hot Hole seems to be one of those places that is legal/illegal, right/wrong, trespassing/non-trespassing…..but the water feels so good on a cold winter day.

I am not condoning or suggesting you pay a visit.
I am only relaying information and telling you about this unique lower Michigan place.

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