Kroger is very thankful for its associates who are working during this pandemic, making sure that their customers can get their necessary groceries.

The announcement was made on Friday that they would be giving a special "thank you pay" to their hourly workers who have been working while being on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The bonuses are $400 dollars for their full time workers and $200 dollars go to the part time workers. Kroger's CEO said that "our associates have been instrumental in feeding America while also helping to flatten the curve during the initial phases of the pandemic."  Rodney McMullen, who is Kroger's CEO and also the board chairman, has said how very proud they are of all their associates.

The company will continue its Covid-19 Emergency Leave guidelines to give paid time off to any associate that is affected by the coronavirus or experiences any of the symptoms.

Kroger associates will see the bonus money in two stages one payment paid out in May and at the end of June.

I am a Kroger shopper and I have noticed the changes the store has put in place to keep everyone, both workers and shoppers, safe. Carts are sanitized when you first walk in, there are arrows at the beginning of the aisle for, well basically one way foot traffic, and plastic shields have been put up at the check out stations as well.

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