I remember when I was a kid, seeing all those TV commercials for Kowalski meats with the “K's” in the Kowalski logo made to look like little chefs holding trays of delicious Kowalski meats. Well, those little chefs have been replaced by actual “K's” but the meats are still around...you just don't hear about 'em as much anymore.

The company was founded by Zygmund Kowalski and his wife Agnes after they arrived in America from Poland in the early 1900s. Their career began as a small grocery shop on Chene Street in Detroit. Eventually they wanted to start making their own products, and a smokehouse was soon added to the store. That smokehouse produced all types of sausage: kielbasa, hot dogs, liver sausage, bologna, and more. With the overwhelming reaction of the public, a larger way to process was needed – so, in 1920, a meat factory was constructed on Holbrook Avenue in Hamtramck.

Successful sausage, cold cuts, and bacon production continued for decades until Zygmund's son Steve took over in the 1950s. In the 1970s, Steve's son Ronald was handed the reins. The company remains in the hands of a new generation of Kowalskis to this day.

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Originally boasting about their sixty meat products in the 1950s, now they handle fifty-five. If you look for Kowalski meats at your local grocer, you may not find any. I happened to come across some Kowalski kielbasa not long ago and I was excited to see it again! If you're craving some Kowalski – or are curious to try some – Kowalski has a “Place an Order” page where you can pick and choose.....they will ship right to your home.

For over 100 years, Kowalski still uses hardwood chips to smoke their sausage, still made with their original recipe. You haven't seen it for a while or even tried some? Go to Kowality.com and place an order!

The gallery below features some old Kowalski photos and images...

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