Michigan loves coney & chili dogs. But would you love them as much if they weren't made with Koegel frankfurters? It's a good possibility you wouldn't.

Especially Koegel Vienna Franks. When you bite into a coney dog and it has that little 'crunch' when you bite down, you can almost bet it's a Koegel Vienna you're eating...and that crunch makes all the difference. Koegel dogs and franks are considered the best, especially for a Flint-style coney...and why not? The company was founded in Flint...

Albert Koegel came to America from Germany, where he perfected his own personal recipes and learned meat cutting. In 1916, Koegel opened up his first business in Flint – a market on Kearsley Street. With Flint's auto industry on  the rise, Koegel's business did very well. In the 1930s he opened up a meat processing plant on Stevens Street. In this plant he could continue making his meats with his original process: “smoked with damp sawdust with hardwood for flavor and in its own blend of spices.”

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Koegel's current factory was built in 1972 and still sits on that site on Bristol Road in Flint.

The number of products that Koegel Meats currently make varies from time to time, site to site...but with over thirty meat recipes, they crank out numerous varieties of franks, hot dogs, bologna, sausages, salamis, cold cuts, head cheese, and hot dog chili...possibly over sixty varieties in all.

So the next time you bite into a coney and it doesn't have that little crunch, make sure you mention to your waitperson to tell the boss to start 'buying Michigan' and use Koegel Viennas...

Koegel's Meats: Made in Michigan


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