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The Knaggs Bridge in Bancroft is just one of many registered Michigan Historical Sites you should visit. In 1817, the first white settler built a cabin in the area; then in 1819, an Indian reservation was created; this area was home to two of Michigan's most famous Native American chiefs: Okemos and Wasso

The bridge itself was named after Peter Whitmore Knagg who had a trading post that was built in the 1810's. Another Knaggs, John, came along and used the trading post as his own store and tavern until 1839, one year after the bridge was constructed. A dam was built years later in 1856, of which the remains can still be seen to this day.

This area is rich with stories of local murders and a buried treasure; supposedly a large amount of gold was buried near the bridge which attracts treasure hunters to the bridge.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Take I-69 east to exit 113 and turn right on Grand River. Take it through Bancroft until you get to Cole Road. Turn left and the bridge is just down the road a few feet.

Even though the steel structure has been long gone, you can see some great black & white pictures of what the bridge once looked like by CLICKING HERE.

Enjoy your state's rich a visit and get a photo op!