Kitchie Cemetery was established in 1889 and lies in the U.P.'s Houghton County, approximately 5 miles east of Kenton. It's deep within the Ottawa National Forest and is extremely small.

How small? It only has 19 marked graves, and the most recent date that was found is 1901. Is it an old family graveyard? Is it all that's left of a town named Kitchie that no longer exists? The weird thing about this cemetery is - that out of all 19 marked graves, 11 of them are children under the age of eight.

As for hauntings, people have reported different strange goings-on here. Disembodied screams that come from nowhere, the sound of chainsaws, and floating orbs that come out of the woods and surround vehicles when visiting the graveyard.

Most mysterious of all, though --- what was this cemetery intended to be? A children's graveyard? Military family cemetery that was left abandoned after a few burials? And just where was the old town of Kitchie located? The forests seem to have swallowed it up.

Next time you visit the U.P., you might want to take  drive here and check it out. Go when it's daylight, otherwise, if you have car trouble when it's nighttime.....well...just go during the day...

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