According to, Kentucky Fried Chicken may have taken the battle over chicken sandwiches to a new level.

The fast food chain announced it's testing a fried chicken sandwich that has glazed doughnuts as buns. The sandwich will cost just under $6.

Customers can also choose a chicken and doughnuts basket meal, featuring chicken tenders or bone in chicken plus a doughnut, which will cost $5.49.

KFC said customers who just want a doughnut can add one to any meal for $1.

The sweet and savory combos are not available nationwide. KFC is only testing them for a limited time in Richmond, Virginia, and in Pittsburgh.

If chicken and doughnut sandwiches make it here to Michigan in the near future, I can honestly say that I would give it a try. Why? Because I Love doughnuts and fried chicken. And I may need a lot of heartburn medication to dull the pain!

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