No one should ever have to worry about porch pirates stealing packages right off of your front porch no matter what time of day it is.

Unfortunately that's not the case these days. If you're going to order something online, you're taking a risk when that package arrives on your front porch. That risk is known as porch pirates. How do we stop this from happening?

According to the Detroit Free Press, In 2019, Governor Whitmer signed a law cracking down on porch pirates. If convicted, package stealers could serve up to five years in prison and be hit with hefty fines.

Here are a few tips to fight off porch pirates to help keep your packages safe:

1. Consumers can ship their Amazon orders to a locker which are secure, self service kiosks located at different retailers.

2. Consumers can deliver packages to the local UPS or USPS center to pick it up there.

3. Install a motion sensor light or doorbell camera to help scare or catch potential porch pirates.

4. Subscribe to delivery alerts that give you constant updates on a package's whereabouts.

5. If you're ordering an expensive item online, be sure to have shipping protection or insurance on high value items. (Detroit Free Press)

Did you hear about the latest scandal of the U-Haul driving porch pirate? A woman was caught on a doorbell camera security system. The video shows the porch pirate hopping out of the truck, walking up to the house and stealing the package off the porch. Stay alert and stay safe!

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