We know the settlement of Kearney was somewhere in Antrim County's Kearney Township, but where exactly?

The township is approximately 22 miles east of Elk Rapids and 31 miles south of Charlevoix. There is an old stone one-room schoolhouse still standing at the corner of Montgomery Rd and W. Eddy Rd. but is this where the village was located?

Kearney also once had a post office, general store and sawmill.....but there evidently are no records of the town after 1877. It's very possible the town was set at the intersection of Montgomery and W. Eddy but so far, no proof. An 1897 map of the township shows other structures in the area but gives no town boundaries or mention of the town of Kearney.

I would almost bet the town was located on that junction.....but does anyone from Antrim County know for sure? Are there any more details somewhere about this "lost" Michigan town? Any info is greatly appreciated!