Stonehenge in Kalamazoo?

These sculptures have baffled many, even those in Kalamazoo. Only a handful of people know where they came from and why they’re there.

Now YOU will know.

These pillars are located in a batch of trees along the walking/bike path in Mayor’s Riverfront Park in Kalamazoo. Once you enter this woodsy patch, you’ll be confronted by these five archaic columns. Are they leftovers from hundreds of years ago? Old building ruins? Sacrificial obelisks? An old sun dial?

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The answer is: it’s artwork thanks to local Michigan artist Mitchell Wilcox, who created these sculptures in the 1990’s. What does he call his artwork? “The Circular Ruin”.

Upon scrutinizing the artwork, you’ll see all kinds of little objects: astrology signs, beer bottle, bells, bones, celery stalk, faces, gun, hand, hieroglyphics, leaves, license plate, mini-disc, monk, plants, Pokemon, President Nixon, symbols, tools, and other things that I have no clue what they are!

According to Sehvilla Mann at WMUK, Wilcox “built The Circular Ruin as part of a commission that called for a kind of sculpture park”.

You can read more about it by clicking HERE.

It’s a cool little surprise to come across while you’re talking a walk or bike ride through the park. Head over and see this for yourself! The park is located at 251 Mills St, Kalamazoo.


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