Remember when movies used to come out? You’d used to go to the movie theater and buy popcorn and something was projected in the dark on a big screen? And you’d sit there in a big crowd of people and watch it as an escape from your troubles?

That was fun.

We probably will not get that experience again for a while. More and more movies are pushing deeper and deeper into the release calendar. A day after Warner Bros. reshuffled their entire upcoming blockbuster lineup, Universal has delayed one of its biggest releases of the next several years, Jurassic World: DominionOriginally scheduled for release in the summer of 2021, the film has now been postponed for an entire year.

The production announced the news by tweeting the new release date as well as a piece of poster art, showing the classic Jurassic Park logo encased in the same sort of amber that held the mosquito containing dino DNA in the first film.

Director Colin Trevorrow also tweeted about the news saying that “for the past three months, I’ve worked with an extraordinary cast and crew on a film we can’t wait to share with the world,” and promising “it will all be worth it” in the end:

Dominion did temporarily shut down production in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, which could account for some of the delay. The rest of it is surely due to the larger uncertainty about movie theaters, the virus continuing to spread, and no clear sense of when all of this will be over and audiences will feel safer in a movie theater again. Stupid non-extinct virus. See you in 2022, Jurassic World.

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