Junet is another of those old railroad stops in the Upper Peninsula. Located in Gogebic County, Ironwood Township, the little area known as Junet sits quietly, with a handful of old shacks and a smattering of homes. No businesses, no depot, no post office, no nuttin'.

...and that's why it's charming.

Junet was originally a stop along the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad in the late 1800's, with ore and lumber being transported along the line.

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The community was named in 1871 after a family by the name of Junet...but according to a 1917 atlas (SEEN BELOW), the area was called 'Montreal' and a 'Montreal Station' is listed on other sites as an historical place.

So which is it? Or is it both? Either way, if you ever get up that way, it's still cool to take a drive thru and imagine the busy railroad station that was once there.



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