Did a Tiger capture a Bigfoot? Capture on film, that is…and it was a former Detroit Tiger.

Jordy Mercer’s deercam seemingly caught a weird-looking creature strolling by a fence. It doesn’t even look like a Bigfoot…or an ape…or a bear…it looks like an amateurishly-made, poor-fitting sasquatch suit with some poor sap that got talked into wearing it.

And what’s with this mutant hand that looks like it’s protruding from its stomach?

This is either some horribly-mutated creature or a severely-damaged bear…or just some redneck local that felt like pranking Mercer.

Even though Mercer played for Detroit (and is currently a free agent), the beast was unfortunately seen at Mercer’s ranch in Oklahoma, not Michigan.

CLICK HERE and follow the links to see these pictures for yourself. Sorry to say, they’re kinda laughable.

Below is a picture of Mercer and one of a Bigfoot.
Mercer is the one in a baseball uniform.



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