Jim Carrey hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the third time in his career, and the star of 'Dumb and Dumber To' did not disappoint.

In last night's Halloween-themed episode, Carrey starred in a particularly hilarious skit that was reminiscent of vintage Jim Carrey. Titled 'Halloween Party,' Carrey played an office worker named Rick who refuses to be upstaged by another co-worker (played by Kate McKinnon) when they both show up to the party dressed as Sia.

So how do they settle who the better Sia is? DANCE OFF.

Both Carrey and McKinnon mock Sia's interpretive dance moves while wearing nude body suits and blonde wigs. The dance off moves off the stage and even into the crowd. At one point, even music guest Iggy Azalea joins in on the fun.

Click on the video above to watch Carrey's monstrously hilarious interpretive dance to 'Chandelier.'