Q: Who was the first Rock star to actually be arrested onstage? Jim Morrison, right?

A: Right. Jim was arrested onstage on December 9th, 1967 while the Doors were performing in New Haven, Connecticut. Before the concert, Jim was making out with a female fan in the backstage shower and was discovered by a police officer. The officer – who didn’t know Jim was part of the band - told him to leave the area to which Jim told the cop to “eat it.” After Morrison rebuffed another chance to leave – and another insult directed to the officer – the policeman shot some mace into Morrison’s face. After the Doors’ manager informed the officer that he had just maced the group’s lead singer, an apology was issued by the officer. Jim recovered, began the concert by singing a few songs and then took the opportunity to get on the microphone and call the cops “blue pigs” among other names...along with sprinkling in some obscenities. After telling the kids in the audience “if it happened to me it’ll happen to you” about five police officers got onstage and dragged Morrison off, stopping the concert which resulted in a small riot that culminated in 13 more arrests. Jim was charged with inciting a riot, indecency and public obscenity.

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