Very little is known about Jericho Corners, other than it sits in Van Buren County's Geneva Township along Cedar Creek. This burg has a six-corner intersection, sitting comfortably out in the countryside. It never made it as a town OR village.

An old one-room schoolhouse still stands at one of the six corners, now called the "Jericho Grocery." Another old building, a former gas station, rests on another corner, now being used as a residence.

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In 1873, just down the road on Black River, there was once a sawmill, a tannery, and a one-room schoolhouse. After that school disappeared, the one that is currently a grocery was built.

No railroads came thru Jericho Corners, so more than likely its main purpose was a postal station for the lumbermen down the road at Black River. It's an interesting little area to drive through, and maybe someone at the schoolhouse/grocery can tell us a little more about Jericho Corners.

Thanks to, you can see atlases of Jericho Corners from 1912 and 1873 in the gallery below.


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