Jeopardy sign
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

His name is James Holzhauer, and he is a professional sports gambler, plus he has won 25 Jeopardy games in a row.

Wednesday, he won again and so far his winnings are closing in on 2 million dollars.  Now people that usually don't usually watch the show are watching to see how far James will be able to take this.

He does seem to have a strategy, he starts at the bottom of the row and works his way up from one thousand dollars.  I don't know how he does it but he always seems to get the daily double's which earn him even more money.  Holzhauer  wins, on average, around 77 thousand dollars per night.

Even Alex Trebek is having fun with this.  The 34 year old's remarkable  run on the show have not come with out some complaining.  Some have accused James of being a "menace".  ....seriously!  Others are a bit put off by his confident demeanor.  Not me, I hope he keeps winning, he is a bast to watch.

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