August 22, 2017 – Jonathan Schmitz was released from prison after being incarcerated for twenty years for the murder of Scott Amedure.

The two had appeared in a March 6, 1995 never-broadcast episode of “The Jenny Jones Show” where Scott revealed his secret crush on Schmitz.

The two men lived in Lake Orion, Michigan: Schmitz in an apartment building and Amedure in a mobile home park. They had a mutual female friend who took it upon herself to bring the two together on one of Jenny Jones’ “secret admirer” episodes of her program, because she thought it would be “fun.”

Schmitz was told the admirer could either be a man or a woman; he declined, not wanting to chance it being another male. He was coaxed to appear anyway. Footage of the never-aired program shows the encounter, with Jonathan noticeably uncomfortable when Scott gives him an onstage hug. It looked like everyone – including Jonathan – was getting along, having fun with the segment, even though Schmitz was obviously uncomfortable.

During the show, Schmitz made a point of stating he was “completely heterosexual” but the trial afterward pointed a different direction. One of Scott’s friends said under oath that on the night of the taping, Scott and Jonathan ended up having a sexual rendezvous, even though it wasn’t proven.

The embarrassment of a TV audience, a possible sexual occurrence, a ‘suggestive’ note slipped to Schmitz from Amedure, and the possible ridicule from his peers was probably all it took for Schmitz to get money out of a bank, buy a shotgun and ammo, drive to Amedure’s mobile home, and shoot him in the chest. While Scott was lying wounded on the floor, Schmitz shot him again.

Later, Schmitz called 911 and gave himself up.

He was released from prison in August 2017 based on his good behavior.

The photos below show the site of the murder and scenes from “The Jenny Jones Show”.

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