On the corner of S. Homer & E. Laporte Rds. lies the 'somewhat' town of Jam. The whole town consists of one old store and is surrounded by farmland.

Where did everything else go? (Was there ever anything else?) All by the wayside. The farmland exists thanks to all the timber being cut down during Michigan's lumbering heyday of the mid-to-late 1800's. All that remains of this once-village is an old store which has been around since 1894.

The town and the store were christened "Jam" from the initials of James A. Murphy, the town's first postmaster; it's believed the old post office was within the store. The post office closed for good in 1903 and any remaining businesses were torn down or moved, leaving the lone Jam store all by itself on the corner.

It's located in Midland County, about 24 miles northeast of Alma in Mount Haley Township. Not much is known about the non-town of Jam, so any info is more than welcome. A "ghost town"? I would definitely say so. It doesn't show up on any maps and very, very little info on it exists.

In any case, it makes an interesting stop for a few minutes on your Michigan roadtrip; a great photo op and maybe you'll find something unique inside the old store...



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